The health and safety of our guests is our utmost priority. We are living in uncertain times and individuals respond with varying degrees of concern about social distancing, travel, and sanitizing. Our desire is to insure our guests we are doing all we can to implement safety guidelines against the spread of Covid-19.

At BellaVida, a clean environment and safe food handling practices have always been a top priority. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow CDC and WHO guidelines to help reduce the spread of the virus.

1. After a guest vacates, that bedroom is closed and rested before it is cleaned and sanitized.

2. During a stay at BellaVida, common area surfaces such as door knobs, coffee service areas, living area upholstery, and porch furnishings, are sanitized throughout the day.

3. Gathering Room Coffee Service area and Guest Refrigerator – please use hand sanitizer (located near each area) before opening the guest refrigerator, using the Keurig Coffee Machine, or microwave. Additionally, Staff will disinfect these areas throughout the day.

4. We are happy to accommodate guests who prefer a private use coffee maker. Please let us know if this is your preference. (Suite Roseanna and Howard Chapel are already equipped with coffee makers.)

5. When possible, please use the restroom associated with your bedroom rather than the public half-bath. However, there are paper towels for drying hands and Clorox wipes for additional sanitizing. (Staff will also sanitize this restroom throughout the day.)

6. Social distancing at breakfast: Weather permitting, we serve on an open-air screened porch with a six (6) foot rule distancing at the farmhouse table. There are no shared condiments. Several bedrooms each have a table outside the bedroom should guests prefer to eat privately. Guests may request a breakfast-to-go box to eat in-room or at guest’s discretion.

7. Of course, if you feel ill or are running fever before your stay, you must cancel the reservation. If you feel ill after arriving at BellaVida, please inform us immediately so that appropriate action may be taken.

8. Disclaimer: BellaVida cannot guarantee guests against any virus.


1. Retreat Occupancy for bedrooms is limited to one person per bed unless you prefer to share a bed with someone you live with. (We are not policing guests. We’re just letting you know rooms will not be filled to full occupancy for your safety.) Retreat Hosts will want to plan and assign rooms accordingly.

2. Please do not share a Hand Towel with roommates. As always there are hand towels for each individual guest, additionally paper towels are provided in each bathroom for hand washing.

3. Clorox (or other brand) disinfecting wipes are in each bathroom should you desire additional sanitizing during your stay (We do not enter occupied guest rooms.)

4. Meals – the safest alternative is for retreat attendees to eat at their personal workspace table. If you choose to safe distance and the group spreads out to several common area dining areas, we suggest each person return to the same seat for each meal. Hosts providing meals will need to bring meals already prepped and limit kitchen use to the oven to avoid any contamination in the kitchen. Please use disposable goods where possible. The dishwasher must be used for any non-disposable utensils. It is highly recommended meals be plated. If food is served buffet-style everyone must wash hands or use hand sanitizer before serving food and before additional helpings or the dessert course.

5. It is highly recommended snacks are individually packaged, individually packaged condiments, and food is not shared.

This information will be updated as mandates are changed by governing entities and the CDC.


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