House with a White Picket Fence

Scenic view of wildflowers in foreground and in the distance a little  white chapel and across from it a white picket fence area.

It began with an idea. Last summer, I walked along the back of our property and looked toward the little white chapel with vintage white trimmed windows Across from it is our garden. with three raised beds protected by a border of chicken wire. I thought, wouldn’t that look nice with a white picket fence?

White trellis laid on its side on the ground. Garden in the background with chicken wire fencing.

In November, I helped my bestie rearrange furniture and declutter. She offered me four small bookshelves her dad made out of picket fence slats a couple of decades ago when her daughters were preschool age. The shelves had been cluttering up her screened porch for years. I knew immediately I would repurpose them for a garden fence.

Months later, as I passed by a local thrift store I spied a white trellis. Score! I now had four white picket shelf units and a white trellis, perfect to frame a garden gate. The man who makes my dreams come true (really) built a white picket fence with repurposed book cases in the design and a recycled trellis from the thrift store.

Man laying out and organizing fencing  materials.
Three foot high white picket fence around a garden with a white trellis entrance. In the background you can see the white picket shelves a friend's dad originally built for a bedroom.

BellaVida was another dream and we are living it. What do you dream about?


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