20 Answers to When We Can Expect Relief from the Texas Heat

Belinda Howard Smith

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When Will This Texas Heat End?

A newcomer to Texas recently posted the question on social media: “About when can I expect to walk outside and say, "Ah, this is nice!" But really, what's typically the weather progression after August? So what's next?”

Enjoy a good laugh at the replies:

1. “Fake fall, 2nd summer, 2 fall weeks, winter that’s actually like the rest of the country’s fall, 4 days of winter, then spring for 2.5 months, then early summer breaks right before were back to where we are at around May.”

2. “I’m sure someone will post the meme about the seasons, but we are currently in the second circle of hell heat. We may or may not get a false fall, when we get tricked into thinking the weather is cooler, only to go back to the first circle of hell heat. Christmas can be shorts and tank tops, or snow. It really is a crap shoot.”

3. “I moved from Chicago to Houston in February of ‘95. Thought I’d landed in “paradise”— flowers everywhere, people eating outside, jogging Memorial Park in shorts and a tank top, even swimming on occasion. Then summer hit. Lord have mercy! It’s been 28 years, and I’m still not acclimated! And January is now my favorite month of the year!”

4. “November is nice and we all drink beer and dance the polka. We try to make Christmas look like a Hallmark movie even if it's not. January is "Forrest Gump" month; you never know what you'll get. Then there's February; Satan's month.”

5. “September sucks. October gets tolerable. November is usually good. December thru February is a flip of the coin from the weather gods.”

6. “It’ll be hot until about December. You’ll be sweating at pumpkin patches in the fall. You can wear shorts to thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas. Basically Jan- March are the coolest months.”

Meme reads: Welcome to Texas where the weather is made up and the seasons don't matter.

7. “We always say a little relief starts mid-September. Like 95 instead of 105.
October-December are usually nice, cold morning, cool midday, warm afternoon. Usually a surprise is thrown in. Always be prepared. Lol it’s Texas!”

8. “Basically hot until close to Halloween then November and December are mild and cooler. Any real cold weather hits between January and February.”

9. “You’ll spend all of September and most of October saying “how can it possibly still be this hot?!” You’ll be faked out a couple times by mild cool fronts and then it will immediately be 95 degrees again the next day. All the way through about Halloween. Mid November you can usually count on real cooler weather sticking around a while.”

10. “Will still be wearing shorts on Thanksgiving weekend hanging Christmas lights.”

11. “I hear that we will have 3.61 days of fall; but they won’t be consecutive.”

12. “Texas has two seasons: Summer and Almost Summer. Adjust.”

13. “Well… we are only in first summer…. Sooo… I think there’s second summer, false fall, and hell’s front porch still to go.”

14. “There's honestly no telling. I have seen cold rainy weather as early as mid September and seen sweltering heat on Christmas. It's a total crap shoot. Most of the time it's still hot through Halloween. Never pack away your shorts and just assume it will always be hot. If you have fall clothes, you may get to wear them occasionally or you may live in them.”

15. “All I know is we use AC all year round. We can have freezing temps at the beginning of a week and end up with a 90 degree temp that weekend. It's horrible.”

16. “It gets hotter in August. Lol. It will be hot until about October and then it will be tolerable in November/December. Maybe cooler in December and then it will rally for Christmas and hit 70’s and then in January/February it will possibly be a blizzard or some sort of ice storm for a week and then hit the 70’s again. Around Easter it will get cold and rain about the time you plan an outdoor birthday party. Then we will be right back here.”

17. “Texas doesn’t cool down until Halloween and then it’s a guessing game of hot or cold until the Christmas, on Christmas it‘s usually hot, then another few months of guessing if it’s hot or cold, then spring comes it it’s blazing hot again.”

18. “August is the worst month of the year pretty much always. I’m guessing fall won’t hit til November…winter *maybe* in January.”

Meme listing 12 fictitious seasons in Texas. The pointer is on the season, Hell's Front Porch

19. “October-December here’s what I do. I just put in a regular shirt then a hoodie. After about 12:00pm I take the hoodie off lol. It’s weird but beautiful down here. The weather is really hot most of the time but we do get some cooler weather. Once a year..usually in February everything will shut down because we will get some freak ice storm which will make a lot of roads closed. It will last from 3-5 days. We all will collectively hate every second of it and then it will melt and everything will go back to normal. The memes will change from praying for warmer weather to praying for colder weather..I don’t even look at the weather most days…I just open up Facebook see people’s posts and say yup it’s hot or oh it might be chilly outside. Just plan on always keeping a jacket, shorts, a hoodie, a long sleeve shirt and a regular shirt in your vehicle. That’s what I do a lot of the time lol.”

20. “First cool front is usually end of October to the beginning of November. That's false fall. Then it's warm again. Typically in the high 70s to low 80s around Thanksgiving. Then it will be cool in early December highs hovering in the 70s, some 60s with some heavy cool fronts. Then end of the year you start to get more frequent cold fronts through March.”

**In the mean time, if you’re feeling stuck inside and looking for things to do to beat the Texas heat, Read on...


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